5 Reasons Why Storage Units Are Worth The Money

If you have been thinking about renting a storage unit but are not sure whether they are worth the time or money. This post is all about why storage units ARE worth both the time and money and why you should consider renting one. 

Self Storage Can Save You Money

If you have run out of space in your home, rather than moving to a bigger place. Renting a storage unit is a much more affordable option. Storage units are safe, secure spaces for you to keep your belongings for as long as you need. If you choose to store with us at Cheap Storage Manchester you can receive 50% off your first 9 weeks of storage. We can guarantee that our storage prices are some of the cheapest in the Manchester area. 

Storage Units Are Better Value For Money

If you wish you can store things in your garage, or backyard shed. However, renting a storage unit will give you better peace of mind. Storage facilities provide great security measures. At Cheap Storage Manchester, security is our number one priority. We have 24-hour CCTV, over 180 CCTV cameras, and a state-of-the-art Red Care Alarm System and you will be the only keyholder to your securely locked unit. We also provide insurance if you wish for that extra sense of security. 

Self Storage Can Help You Make Money

 Renting a storage unit is a great idea if you are self-employed. Storage units are great for keeping any extra stock as stock can take up a lot of room. Storing your stock in a storage unit will save you space and money as renting a storage unit is a lot cheaper rather than renting a warehouse for your business. 

Storage Units Are Convenient and Flexible

At Cheap Storage Manchester, we offer a range of different-sized storage units, suited to your needs. Storage units are perfect if you are decluttering your home but do not want to get rid of things permanently. At Cheap Storage Manchester, if your current storage unit becomes too small for you, we can arrange to move you to a bigger unit if we have one spare. 

Storage Units Are Very Versatile

You will be surprised by the things that you can do with a storage unit. You can use it for business storage, old belongings if you are downsizing or moving house, or if you are a student, the list is endless. Renting a storage unit comes in handy for all sorts of reasons and as we have mentioned above, they tend to be very cheap to rent. At Cheap Storage Manchester, we try to arrange something to suit everyone’s budget.

As you can see there are plenty of reasons as to why renting a storage unit is worth the money. At Cheap Storage Manchester, we are open 7 days a week between 8 am-10 pm. If you want to enquire about a storage unit then contact us on 0161 826 9896 and we can arrange a storage unit perfect for you and your needs. 

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