5 Space Saving Hacks For University Students 

When you move into halls at University, you will find that you do not have much space for everything you own. This is why when you are a student it is ESSENTIAL to follow these space-saving hacks, that we have conjured up just for you. 

Keep Your Stationery Together In An Empty Candle Jar

Have you used up your favourite candle? Just because your favourite candle has burned out does not mean you must get rid of the jar. Re-use it as a place to keep your stationery. The jar will help to keep your stationery together so you are not constantly scrambling about looking for pens and pencils. It is so easy to lose stationery but if you keep it in the same place, then you never have to worry about running out of stationery or losing your stationery again. This is a cheap storage hack that you will appreciate. 

Image of a few lit candles

Hang Your Shoe Rack On The Door

Shoes take up a lot of space, so if you are someone who owns a lot of shoes then this hack is for you. If your room is too small, buy a shoe rack to hang over your door. You can buy shoe racks that fit up to 18 pairs of shoes and makes your space look a lot tidier. 

image of over the door shoe rack

Buy Invisible Shelves

Invisible shelves are great space-saving hacks, especially if you are someone who has a lot of books. It is important to note that an invisible shelf will not hold a lot of books so try not to overstack the shelf as this will not hold. If you have a huge amount of books then you can use your suitcases to store them under your bed. A good way of keeping your room tidy and saving yourself space is to pack everything that you do not need and will not use away in suitcases and store them in storage units. At Cheap Storage Manchester, we can offer you 50% off your first 9 weeks. We also offer a free removal and collection service, we require no deposit, you just need to pay weekly. We guarantee affordable student storage in the Manchester area. Give us a ring up today and we can find a storage space suitable for you and your needs. 

Image of invisible shelves

Buy A Pin Board

Save paper and photo clutter by buying a pin board. They are easy to hang and can be decorated to suit the vibes of your room and personality. Use the pin board to pin study notes, photos, and important letters that you can’t lose. This will save you so much space in your drawers. 

Image of pin board

Maximise Your Under Bed Storage

Under your bed makes for great storage (and a great way to hide any mess). Under-bed storage is especially great if you are a huge clothes hoarder. Decide what clothes you want to fold and hang and for everything else buy some storage boxes or vacuum packs and store your seasonal clothes or the clothes that you do not wear that often in these boxes and vacuum packs and store them under your bed so they are out of the way until you next need them. 

Image of under the bed storage

There you have it, our top 5 student storage hacks. Did you find these tips helpful? Let us know in the comments below! If you are looking for storage space, then please get in contact with us here at Cheap Storage Manchester


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