Advantages Of Self Storage For Students

It is coming up to that time of year when you must move home for the summer. If you are a student, have you considered renting a self storage unit for over the summer months when you are back home? There are plenty of advantages as to why you should consider this.

Security and Safety Over The Summer Months

When you keep your belongings in a self storage unit, they will remain safe and secure for months. At Cheap Storage Manchester, securing your items is our number one priority. We have over 180 24-hour surveillance CCTV cameras and a red care alarm system that links directly to the police. Not only this, but your storage unit will also be locked with a padlock, and you are the only one who has access to it. This will help you to feel at peace whilst you are home for the summer.

Extra Space

There is nothing worst than having to take everything you belong back to your parent’s house and then having to bring it back to uni at the start of the semester. This takes a lot of time and unnecessary effort. Renting a storage unit means that you can just take what you need for the summer, and you are not cluttering up your parent’s house for months on end. Both you and your parents will be happier with this arrangement.

Reduce Stress

Having a storage unit in place means that you can concentrate on your final assignments and exams without worrying about what you are going to do with your things as you may not have enough time to organise your belongings and what you are doing. The end of the school year can be extremely busy and stressful, so renting a storage unit will take this stress off your shoulders.

Eases Luggage Worries For International Students

Plenty of international students come to the UK for university. The last thing you will want to do is pack up everything you own and try to get it over to your home country. Renting a storage unit is perfect for international students and it is cheaper rather than having to pay to fly your belongings back home. At Cheap Storage Manchester, we offer free packing boxes and free van rental, all of which can save you money which is important as a student. We are one of the most affordable storage companies in Manchester. We offer students pricing plans from as little as £1 per week. We want every student to be able to afford to store their belongings and have a piece of mind.

Perfect Unit Size For Your Budget

There are different sized units, there is something that suits everyone. This gives you the freedom to choose a storage unit that can fit all the belongings you have and need to store without spending loads of money on a bigger unit which is important, especially if you are on a student budget.

Those are a few advantages of renting a storage unit as a student. Get in contact with Cheap Storage Manchester and we will find a storage unit perfect for you and your budget.

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