Advantages of student storage in Manchester

Being a student can be stressful, exciting and rewarding and with all that comes great opportunities to live life to its fullest. At very few stages of your life will you have the freedom and opportunity that comes with being a student. Sadly many students get held back by their physical belongings and get bogged down with their possessions which often makes them turn down exciting opportunities. Here are some of the top advantages and reasons for students to consider a self-storage facility:


Moving away from home:

For most young students moving away from home and into student halls or a student house is a rite of passage however with that comes the stresses of moving your stuff from one location to the next. Often upon move day most people frantically try to cram moving their entire lives into a few hours. Using one of our self-storage units can take away the pressure of this, simply move the bulk of your belongings to a storage unit, move the essentials into your accommodation and then gradually fill out your new home at your own leisure by taking advantage of a conveniently located self-storage unit. In addition to this student, halls are often incredibly small and overcrowded so a self-storage unit can be the ideal solution for keeping the bulk of your belongings close at hand.


Taking a gap year:

One of the best opportunities available to students is that of a gap year, the chance to go and explore new places in the world before getting pinned down with a job and the other responsibilities associated with graduating. Using a storage unit can give you the ideal place to store your belongings for the year for an affordable price. This gives you the security of knowing your belongings will be close at hand when you start back at university.


Foreign student storage:

The UK has an exceptionally appealing higher education system for many foreign students. One of the downsides to moving to a new country for education is that it becomes very difficult to take anything with you. The chances are you will move over here with no more than a suitcase of your worldly belongings. As the average length of a university course is 3-4 years in the UK the chances are you are going to build up your belongings during your time studying. Using a self-storage facility over the summer term can give you the freedom to go back home over the summer knowing that your belongings will be safe and secure and ready for collection when you arrive back in the UK. This is a much cheaper alternative than renting empty accommodation while you are away to keep your things stored.


Going home for the summer:

This was mentioned in the point above about foreign students but remains incredibly relevant to UK students as well. Using a self-storage facility over the summer holidays can take a lot of the stress and cost out of going back home for the summer. A lot of students find themselves in a student house after their first year of study and with that comes a lot more furniture and a lot more space for your belongings. Sadly for students that wish to go home for the summer are often faced with the daunting prospect of continuing to pay for accommodation over the summer just to keep their new furniture and belongings in. Using a storage facility lets you store your belongings in a safe and secure location for a fraction of summer rent prices.


New hobbies:

No doubt during your first week at university you will attend a fresher’s fair, one of the best things about a fresher’s fair is that you get a really solid overview of all the different societies and clubs at your university. Many of these revolve around a sport or outdoor activity of some kind, for a lot of students this provides the ideal opportunity to take up a new hobby, some of these include fencing, cycling, canoe and kayaking, rowing, scuba diving, skiing, and snowboarding. As you can imagine there is a lot of equipment required for these hobbies and student accommodation rarely offers the required space for storing this equipment. Student storage offers ideal support for students to pursue these new hobbies whilst having a secure and affordable location to store their equipment for easy access at any time.


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