Embryo Digital’s Office Move

Find out how Manchester-based Embryo Digital handled their office move like a pro!

Moving office can be incredibly stressful, time consuming and frustrating. But it really doesn’t have to be that way. With professionals by your side like the team at Cheap Storage Manchester, an office move can actually be a breeze. The team here at Embryo Digital have been proud partners of Cheap Storage Manchester for some time, and back in February we found out just how important their services are firsthand when we moved offices ourselves!

The enormity of the task can be overwhelming and daunting. Not only do you have to make sure that your new office is going to be ready to be moved into, but you need to worry about packing up all of the business’s belongings and having them safely transported to where they need to be.

When you’re dealing with dozens of computers and expensive equipment with valuable data on them, you really can’t afford for any damages. But the task is huge and, if you’re trying to do it all by yourself, it’s incredibly time consuming! We learned just how important a professional removal team and safe storage really is. Having a professional team like the one at Cheap Storage Manchester to offer advice and guidance really is priceless.

Working with a professional removal team takes a weight off your shoulders

Professional removalists like the team at Cheap Storage Manchester provide more than just heavy lifting. Of course, the physical lifting side of things is definitely important when dealing with desks, chairs, computers and other furniture. But the expertise a professional team brings with them when it comes to packing and unpacking, and organising the logistics of your removal is something that will save you a lot of time and stress!

Having a professional team by your side gives everyone in your business more time to worry about other things, minimising downtime and lost productivity while easing stress. The pressures of safely packing and transporting an entire office can be a lot to handle for anyone who hasn’t done it before!

That isn’t to mention the fact that all your belongings are going to be a lot safer in transit. With more professional packing, loading and transporting, all those vital business assets have a much better chance of making it to your new office unscathed!

Safe and professional storage keeps your business protected

Cheap Storage Manchester specialise in providing the most secure and safe storage in the Manchester area. When it comes to business storage, this is obviously a prime concern. Moving offices is expensive enough as it is without losing vital equipment and assets thanks to poor storage!

In fact, Cheap Storage Manchester use over 300 cameras for 24/7 surveillance, providing a fantastic record of access to your business equipment while it’s in storage. And the fact that you can control exactly who has access to your unit and its contents allows you the peace of mind to conduct the rest of your office move without worry.

If you’re moving office anywhere in or around the Manchester area and you want to feel safe and secure with all your office equipment and documents protected, there really isn’t anywhere better than Cheap Storage Manchester!

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