How cheap is Cheap Storage Manchester?

Just how much could you save when choosing to store with Cheap Storage Manchester? In this article, we will break down exactly why we are the cheapest provider of storage in Manchester….

Many of our customers are drawn to us because of our name. Cheap Storage Manchester technically is a modest name for us because we aren’t just providers of cheap storage in Manchester, we guarantee to be the cheapest storage in Manchester. One of the first things customers look for when they come to our website is the price.

Many other storage companies will hide their storage prices behind compulsory online forms and estimating systems, this is because they won’t be cheaper than Cheap Storage Manchester. At Cheap Storage Manchester, the first thing you see when you come to our site is cheap prices we offer and a fully detailed list of all of our prices.

Our full transparency when it comes to our prices helps our customers find the best deals for their storage in Manchester. Alongside this, we have detailed sections of information that help our customers identify just how much they could save with Cheap Storage Manchester’s clear and transparent self storage prices.

We always strive to give our customers the cheapest possible price in Manchester and we value being straight up with our customers. For that reason, you will always find a list of our Manchester storage prices on our website along with other deals and offers.


  • Storage Prices

Storage Prices

As we mentioned above, at Cheap Storage Manchester we offer a range of different prices but what makes us unique is that all of our prices are easily viewable from any part of our website. We list our storage prices by storage unit size so customers can get a quick snapshot of the kind of prices they would expect to pay for each size of storage.

Personal circumstances will always be taken into account but we feel like our storage prices page will give customers a solid foundation to start working out how much it is going to cost them to store with us. This level of transparency is just one of the many factors that help highlight just how much cheaper we are than our competition.

  • Collection and Removals

Collection and Removals

Having to fork out for getting your things to and from a storage unit can be expensive. Along with that, there are many different options out there. At Cheap Storage Manchester, we come into contact with a lot of different removal companies, people bringing their things to and from our storage unit. We think that is great and fully support businesses such as these, after all,   they help customers get their things to our storage unit with ease.

At Cheap Storage Manchester though we like our customers to store for as little as possible. That is why we offer all of our customers use of a free self drive van or in some cases free collection and removals. As a result of this all of our customers have the option to move their belongings into their storage unit at no extra cost to themselves.

  • 50% Off and Other Promotions

50% Off Storage

In addition to already having the cheapest prices going, we also offer huge savings and promotions that can help our customers save even more. You will notice if you shop around that many storage facilities will offer 50% off storage for 8-9 weeks at a maximum. One of the main reasons we are so cheap is because we can offer our customers a huge 50% off their first 12 weeks of storage. In addition to this, we won’t charge you a deposit to store with us and we won’t charge expensive, mandatory insurance fees.

To answer the initial question in this article which was ‘Just how cheap is Cheap Storage Manchester’ the answer is: very. Cheap Storage Manchester run on incredibly small profit margins so we can pass the savings on to our customers and help deliver the very best quality self storage in the Manchester area for the absolute cheapest prices possible.

To find out just how cheap it would be for you to store with Cheap Storage Manchester get in touch with a member of our team today for your free self storage quote.

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