How to get your things to your storage unit

Getting things to and from your storage unit can be difficult, find out our best ways of doing it….


Finding cheap and affordable storage is just the first hurdle you will face when finding self storage. At Cheap Storage Manchester, we like to think we make it pretty easy to find cheap and affordable self storage, after all we guarantee to be the cheapest provider of self storage in the Manchester area. The part that comes next can be difficult and that is figuring out a way to get your belongings from your house/business premises to your new storage unit. There are many different ways to do this and some can be more expensive than others. This article is going to look at the most common ways customers bring their belongings to a storage unit along with our recommendations on the best ways to do this.

  • Car

Car Storage

This is probably the most common way people get their belongings to and from a storage unit. Many people will simply load up their car with their belongings and drive them to their new storage unit. This is a great way of doing it for people with a smaller storage unit. This can be particularly useful for people looking to take advantage of something like 25sqft or 35sqft storage unit. Once you start to look at larger storage units you will be looking at making multiple car journeys back and forward to unload all your stuff. When you reach this point it may be worth considering some of the other options on this list such a free van rentals or collection and removals.

  • External Van Rental

Van Rental

For many storage companies using an external van rental service may be your best option. Some even have connections with companies that specialise in van rental. Depending on your circumstances this can be a good path to go down. That being said at Cheap Storage Manchester we offer all of our customers use of one of our self drive vans completely for free. For customers at Cheap Storage Manchester, upon purchasing their storage unit they can arrange a time that is convenient to them to drop by the site and use one of our large self driving vans.

  • Internal Van Rental

Free Van Rental

As mentioned in the previous comment, internal van rental within your storage company of choice can be a fantastic solution for transporting your belongings. Many storage companies will offer you use of a company self driving van to transport your belongings to and from your storage unit. What is unfortunate is that many other storage companies will also charge a hefty price for this. At Cheap Storage Manchester we offer all of our customers use of one of our self drive vans for free. We extend this offer to all of our customers regardless of how long they choose to store for, both short and long term storage.


  • External Removals Company

Collection and removal

For many removal and man in van type companies storage facilities offer a great opportunity for them to service new customers. This is beneficial to both customers and removal companies. A removal company can collect your things from your house or place of business, transfer them to your storage unit and do all the heavy lifting for you in the process. Some storage companies even have connections with local removal companies that they can put you in touch with. At Cheap Storage Manchester we go one step beyond this. We have our own in-house removal and collection team which we can often offer to customers completely free of charge.

  • Collection and Removals

Free Collection and Removal

As stated in point 4 of this article, Cheap Storage Manchester has its own in-house collection and removals team. When you book your storage you can discuss the possibility of getting free collection and removals from our in-house team with your sales advisor. At Cheap Storage Manchester we have a team of in-house experts with years of experience in removal and collections. Our team can arrange a time that is convenient to you and come and collect your belongings for you and move them into your new state of the art storage unit.

To Conclude…

Ultimately there are many different things to consider when moving into a storage unit. Things such as the size of unit, amount you are storing, budget and duration of stay can all be factors in this. Fortunately Cheap Storage Manchester are experts in helping people move their things in and out of storage with ease. Our services such as free van rental and free collection and removal are available to our customers so that they won’t have to worry about moving their things into storage. We do all the hard work for you and help you save money in the process. To find out more about how you can save and move your things in with ease get in touch with Cheap Storage Manchester today.

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