How To Live A Minimalist Lifestyle?

In 2023 a lot of people’s goals were to become more minimalist. Living a minimalist lifestyle has become a popular practice over the past few years. Living a minimalist life means that you strive to only use things that serve a purpose. A minimalist lifestyle is about living simply and having only the things you need to live your daily life. Here are some of our tips on how you can live that minimalist lifestyle.

Shop Quality, Not Quantity

Being a minimalist doesn’t mean that you cannot ever go shopping, it just means that you should be more intentional and mindful with your purchases. When you are shopping, invest in high-quality pieces whether that is a new pair of jeans, boots, jewellery, etc. High-quality pieces will last you a long time rather than shopping for cheaper pieces from fast fashion sites. Doing this means that you will likely save money in the long run by cutting down on frequent purchases. 

Invest In Reusables

When you are decluttering your home, have a look at the products that you are planning to declutter and consider what could be reused. For example, a simple change could be changing your disposable water bottles and instead investing in a reusable water bottle. You do not have to spend tons of money on a water bottle, you can buy high-quality water bottles for a reasonable price. 

Organise Items By Category

To begin your minimalist journey you need to organise and declutter your home. Some people like to organise their belongings by location. For example organising your belongings by what belongs in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. Make sure that everything has a place. If you are planning on decluttering, have you considered renting a storage unit? At Cheap Storage Manchester we provide secure, flexible, and great value storage solutions for all of your needs. If storage is something that you are interested in, then please visit our website.

Get Rid Of The Duplicates

Go through your home and pick up all of the duplicates and put them in a box. For example, you may have 2 blenders or 2 measuring cups. Put the duplicates into the box, you only need one of everything. Once you have filled the box, label it as ‘duplicates’ and put it out of sight for a month. Once you get to the end of the month, if you don’t need anything or forget what you have in here, then donate the box, somebody will have use for it. 

Ask Yourself Hard Questions

If you are someone who likes to collect sentimental items, these can be difficult to get rid of. However, minimalism helps us to detach our memories from particular items. However, if you are struggling to get rid of some things, ask yourself these questions: “Does this item bring you joy?”, “Have you got more than one of these items?”, “Is the item useful?”. If you have answered yes to at least one of these items then hold on to it. If you answer no to all 3 of these questions then get rid of the items. 

There you have it, our favourite ways on how you can begin your minimalist lifestyle. If you are interested in renting a storage unit then get in touch with us at Cheap Storage Manchester. If you do decide to store with us we can offer you 50% off your first 9 weeks. Contact us on the number 0161 826 6226.

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