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It can be difficult to remain productive, especially if you have been working from home the past 18 months. Keep reading to read our tips on how to stay productive in your working and daily life.

Even though it can be tough, try and keep home and work life separate.

Have a room that you dedicate to working. Do not work where you relax or socialise. Otherwise, it will be hard to keep the two separate. Once you enter this space or room, you will be able to get yourself into that working mindset. You will be surprised by how much more productive this makes you feel.

If working remotely, get fully dressed.

Nothing makes you feel less productive than working in your pjs. It is a psychological thing. It has been shown that if you work in what you wear to bed, this will just make you feel more tired and less productive. On the days that you work, get fully dressed as if you are going into the office.

Do not multitask.

It is difficult not to multitask. We all think we will achieve more this way and become more productive. However, studies have shown that multitasking can make you less productive. If you can stop your brain from jumping from one job to another, you will become more focused and determined.

Move around every hour.

Getting up for a walk or stretch every hour is a way to give your mind a rest and gives it a chance to rejuvenate. Another good indicator is that if you are in a slump and find yourself checking your phone too much, this is another sign to take a 5-minute rest just to recollect yourself. However, if you are a due a break but you are deep into work, wait until you finish this task before you take a break as it may be hard to get back into which also works out to be counterproductive.


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Take regular breaks.

When you are planning and scheduling your working day, ensure that you schedule your breaks into your day. Incorporating your breaks at the beginning of your day, means that it will be easier to focus on your work, therefore leading to you getting more work done and keeping you focused at the same time.


Group similar tasks together!

Without realising it, switching between tasks can create fiction. Starting and stopping between tasks will eventually add up and break our concentration. This can lead to us to getting even more distracted and forget about our original task. To fix this, group any tasks that are similar together. For example, do not just respond to one email and move on, instead reply to all of your unread emails. This will give you that sense of achievement.

Unplug in the morning and at night.

Try to avoid using your phone and going online during the first hour of the day and your last hour of the day. This will help to keep you focus and gives you a chance to be productive and gives you a chance in the morning to get your menial jobs complete and the last hour gives you a chance to wind down after a long, busy day at work.

Limit meetings.

If you are working from home, chances are you spend a lot of time on apps such as Zoom and Teams throughout the working day. However, having too many meetings throughout the day can be very counterproductive. If you can try and limit your meetings to 30-45 minutes. This will help to hold your attention and keep you focused the rest of the day.

Prioritise self-care.

Being busy with work or other tasks means that we can sometimes neglect self-care. Self-care is incredibly important for our mental health. Practice self-care in small bursts whether this is meditation, journaling, yoga, skincare etc. Taking care of yourself is productive and in turn make you more productive.

Remaining productive throughout the day can be difficult. However, we hope these tips help you to remain productive throughout your working day.

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