Organised Home Hacks

After the franticness of Christmas, I am sure a lot of us could do with some organised home hacks. Carry on reading for our tips on how to keep your home organised over the next few months. 

Consider Installing A Space Saving Desk

If you don’t have the space to designate an entire room to become a home office, add a flip down work area to any corner. This is very easy to do. The best thing is that when you have finished work for the day, you can keep all of your work supplies tucked away instead. Therefore once your work things are put away, work is then out of your mind.

Buy Some Drawer Organisers

Once again we think that it is easy to think “out of sight out of mind”. Having a messy desk drawer can affect your productivity, it can be so frustrating when you have a messy desk drawer and can never find anything. Invest in some acrylic dividers, so all of your work items such as paper clips, pens, notepads, etc have a place to live. 

Repurpose Your Bed Slats

Are you decluttering an old bed? Have you considered repurposing the bed slats? You can use S-hooks to hang things such as kitchen utensils and pots and pans or even items such as your herbs and spices. You do not have to use this solely for kitchen storage, you can use them in the bedroom to hang shoes or jewellery. 

Assess Your Space When You Finish Organising 

Once you have finished your organising, take a step back and assess whether you need any organising solutions that will help to maintain the space you have created. For example, one of your solutions may be to add a spice rack to your kitchen wall to create space within your cupboards. This is one of our favourite organised home hacks. Org

Label Everything

Once you have organised your home, it is now time to start labelling. Labelling will help you to feel more organised. For example, if you empty the likes of your sugar, flour, coffee, tea, herbs and spices, etc into canisters then putting labels on them will ensure that you use these canisters for the same thing every time and help your cupboards to look organised and uniform. Having the labels makes sure that you don’t accidentally put flour rather than sugar into your tea. Labelling your items makes your home look and feel complete and it reminds your household of where everything goes. 

These are all of our favourite organised home hacks. What are your favourite hacks? Let us know in the comments! If you are in the middle of organising your home, you might realise that you need a storage unit. If you find that you do need a storage unit, contact us at Cheap Storage Manchester today. At Cheap Storage Manchester we can offer you 50% off your first 9 weeks of storage, we are guaranteed to be the cheapest storage in Manchester. If this sounds like something that you are interested in, then get in touch with us today on the number 0161 826 5780. 


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