How To Save More on Self Storage in Manchester

How you can save more on self storage in the Manchester area – We’ve got you covered!

Something that we touch on regularly in our blogs at Cheap Storage Manchester is how much you can save by using self storage in Manchester. That being said we have a lot of experience in helping find the cheapest possible deals and storage prices for our customers. This may not always be a case of a flat price being cheaper but many additional extras and a bit of forward planning can make a big difference in lowering the cost of your storage. At Cheap Storage Manchester, our team of expert storage advisors have over 10 years experience in the self storage industry meaning we are exceptionally well equipped to find you the best price. That being said we also like to provide you with as much information as possible so we have put together this list of our top 3 ways to save more money when using self storage in Manchester.


1. Free Packing Boxes

This may not seem like a big one but the price of packing boxes is something that can quickly snowball and become an expensive overhead for many customers. At Cheap Storage Manchester, all of our packing boxes are completely free and customers can come and go taking as many as they need for their storage. The advantages of using packing boxes are huge as they help to keep your belongings safe, organised, and secure both during transport and storage.

Many of our competitors run a profitable business out of selling overpriced packing boxes to their customers. At Cheap Storage Manchester, we feel these should be given to our customers for free and that you shouldn’t have to pay for something that is borderline essential for your storage experience. To check out just how much you could save with Cheap Storage Manchester and our free packing boxes look at the table below:

self storage packing boxes prices

SMALL BOX FREE £2.75 £3.99 £2.75
MEDIUM BOX FREE £3.75 £4.49 £3.75
LARGE BOX FREE £4.75 £4.99 £4.75


For customers of Cheap Storage Manchester simply drop by our site, talk to a member of our staff, and pick up as many free packing boxes as you need. If you pick up your boxes only to realise later you need more that’s not an issue, just drop by again and take what you need. To discuss this further you can always get in touch with a member of our team 7 days a week.


2. Long Term Storage

At Cheap Storage Manchester, we have experience in helping customers with a huge range of demands and needs. Something that we have found is that customers tend to end up storing for a little longer than they initially planned. This can be for a range of different reasons such as house purchases taking longer, renovations taking longer, or simply for convenience reasons. Often when this happens customers end up passing the threshold they would have gotten for long term storage deals such as our 50% off for your first 12 weeks of storage. If you are looking to store then we recommend that you are cautious with the duration of your time in storage. We have found that many customers could have saved more by agreeing to store for a longer period of time than falling short of the end of their initial storage period. To find out how you can have long term storage in Manchester for less, talk to a member of our team or check out our information page.


3. Save on Move-ins

In nearly all of our blog posts and news articles, we talk about moving in and out of your storage unit. Removal services along with collection and delivery services can seriously ramp up the cost of storage for many customers and many other storage companies bank on this to make more money. At Cheap Storage Manchester, we are committed to providing the very best and cheapest self storage across the whole of the Greater Manchester area. For this reason, we have several options available to our customers to help them get to us for little or no cost at all.

  • Free Removal and Collection – this offer is perhaps our most popular amongst all of our free offers and services. Our free collection and removal service takes all the stress away from our customers and allows them to sit back and relax knowing that their belongings are in good hands. Once you have booked your storage our team will be in touch to arrange a collection date and time that works for you. Our team will show up at the agreed time, do all the heavy lifting for you, then safely and securely store your belongings away in your new storage unit.
  • Free Van Rental – Free van rental is another great offer for those looking at self storage in Manchester. At Cheap Storage Manchester, we offer all of our customers a free van rental which can be a massive help for customers moving their belongings into their storage unit. The beauty of this deal is that it is available for even short term customers so if you only need storage for 1 or 2 weeks you will still be entitled to our free van hire. Simply mention that you need a van to our team when you book your storage and they will be able to help arrange it.

So how can you save more on self storage?

So to jump back to the original title of this article, ‘how can I save more on self storage in Manchester?’, well the answer is by choosing to store with Cheap Storage Manchester. In this blog, we highlighted 3 of the biggest ways you can save money by choosing to store with us but the list does not end there. In addition to the points mentioned above, you can also save money with our free insurance, no deposit, storage from £1 per week and exceptionally cheap business storage and student storage deals. To find out how you can start storing for less talk to a member of our team who are on hand 7 days a week.


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