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Just what is Cheap Storage Manchester, why would I need them, where are they and how much could I be saving on Self Storage in Manchester?


Cheap storage Manchester offers a guarantee to our customers which is apparent just from the name, we provide the cheapest self storage in Manchester. So as you can see, right from the get-go we have established we are the cheapest, so what does this mean for you? Here at cheap storage Manchester we aspire to be what the customer needs when looking to use storage, we guarantee to be not just cheap storage but the cheapest storage in Manchester. Our price is always the first thing our customers look for and as the majority of other storage, businesses tend to conceal that from them in various ways. Here at Cheap storage Manchester we provide a heavily detailed list to show our customers how much they will be paying when storing with us. Our website contains valuable information for customers whether that be helping them to move their house from one place to another, businesses’ under renovation or moving office or even students looking for more space to store their belongings. To show our customers just how much they can really save with us we have broken down what we think are some of our best offers;


Our location

Storage Location

Being based in just outside of the Manchester city centre means that we can offer our customers a convenient location without city centre prices. We are located just off the M60 and just a short distance from the centre of Manchester meaning wherever you are we are easy to get to. In addition to our already handy location, we also offer our customers various services that make distance even less relevant. We offer our customers a free collection and removal service. Our expert removal team have years of experience in the industry, simply arrange a time that works for you and our team will show up and do all the heavy lifting and driving for you. In addition to this, we also offer free van rental to all of our customers to give you that extra degree of flexibility on when you move in.


Prices & Promotions

Storage Prices

As mentioned previously we offer a multitude of different storage prices which are easily visible on our website for our customers to see which helps us stand out from the competition. Our prices are listed by storage size so you can get a quick and easy view of what you would be paying with us. As always personal circumstances will always be taken into account and the needs of every customer are different but we believe our prices page will give you a solid view of just how cheap we really are. To add to this we have a huge range of additional promotions to help our customers make even bigger savings. Our deals such as 50% off your first 12 weeks storage, free insurance, no deposit, free van rental, and storage from £1 help our customers save massively when they store with us.



Customer Service Storage

With all of this and our incredibly cheap prices, who is Cheap Storage Manchester actually for? The answer being everyone, our storage can be used by anyone covering a magnitude of possibilities. As listed in the opening of the article the reasons for using us could be for anyone and there are infinite possibilities why customers could need a storage unit, this includes those customers looking for short or long term storage. Whether coming from a business looking to move office furniture and belongings to a location during renovation or even just temporarily while moving offices this could provide that business that space and freedom to have their belongings in a secure location during this. In addition to this many students also make the most of Cheap Storage Manchester, we are able to offer students incredibly cheap and affordable storage for the summer with a fully inclusive student storage bundle. Finally, and most commonly, we are experts in delivering home and personal storage solutions and offer an ideal place for people to store their valuable belongings.


Customer Experience

Customer Experience Storage

The customer experience is vital to us, so here is a couple of things our customers should keep in mind while storing with us;

  • Security: As a customer using a storage facility it is important to have that peace of mind that your belongings are in a secure location. With Cheap Storage Manchester, we have high-security gates, ram raid barriers, staff on-site 7 days a week, and a fully alarmed site with over 300 CCTV cameras in operation to keep our customers and their belongings safe.
  • Storage Prices: At Cheap Storage Manchester we guarantee to have the cheapest prices from self storage in Manchester without compromising on quality. As well as our price we also offer free insurance, free van hire and free unlimited supply of packing boxes.
  • Location: Location is most definitely important; our customers’ storage facility should be in an easy and convenient place to access when needed. Cheap Storage Manchester couldn’t be in a more ideal location for those looking for Storage in Manchester. Situated just outside of the city centre we are close by for convenient and cheap self storage in Manchester.


Seasonal use

Christmas Storage

At the time of writing this, it is that most magical time of year again once again. As you struggled at the start of the month to reach those hard to grab decorations from the loft did you ever stop to wonder ‘is there an easier way?’ Many customers use Cheap Storage Manchester to store away their Christmas decorations throughout the year, an easy to access storage unit can be a lot less hassle than climbing up and down from your loft. In the UK, and seemingly in Manchester, in particular, the increase in large out-door Christmas decorations and lights has been becoming increasingly more popular. Use Cheap Storage Manchester to store away your bulky and often dirty outdoor Christmas decorations throughout the year. On the flip side of this, you can use the same unit to store away valuable garden furniture in the winter months.


Furniture & Storage space

Furniture Storage

Using a storage unit may be quick and easy but it is useful to consider a couple of tips before just cramming all your furniture and belongings into a unit. Looking after your furniture may seem like one of those obvious things but it is definitely something you don’t want to overlook. Small things like dust and debris on your furniture before you start storing it can have a lasting impact especially on those storing for a long period of time. Due to this we heavily encourage our customers to thoroughly clean your furniture’s and belongings before, during and after storing. In addition to this, we encourage customers to store their belongings in an orderly fashion and in a way that makes sense to them. This makes it much easier if you ever need to go back into your storage unit to retrieve an item or two during your storage period. Having some space or a walkway in your unit to get to what you need can save you a lot of time.


Storage Plans

Planned Storage

It is a great idea using a storage facility, after all, that is why we are in business at Cheap Storage Manchester. That being said we are firm believers in storing with a plan. Communicate to our team how much you are looking to store and for how long. This will help us give you the best possible deal on your storage price.

But to answer the initial question, what should our customers expect from Cheap Storage Manchester? Well, the answer is simple, all of the above and much, much more. We guarantee to be the cheapest price, have a huge range of added extras, a dedicated team of storage advisors and removal staff on hand 7 days a week, and a handy and easy to get to the location. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team today to find out how you could be storing for less!


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