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Useful Storage Tips When Selling Your House

Improve the look and feel of your home

If your home is cluttered it looks significantly smaller which will put potential buyers off. Items such as prams, toys and sports equipment are the biggest offenders and it is essential they are not stored in your house in the way when people are viewing your property.

You can make some rooms look better by removing a chair, table or even literature such as magazines or papers. Our advice is to take a good steady look around each room in your house and you will know if there are items that you need to store away.

By making your rooms look spacious and tidy the house will appeal so much more to potential buyers. Its easy to rent a small storage unit from us here at Cheap Storage Manchester from only a few pounds a week to store some of your clutter and it could be the difference between selling your house or not.

No need to cause yourself extra stress when moving

By storing with Cheap Storage Manchester it gives you a head start when you begin to move properties. You can pack way in advance of your move and also at your leisure on a weekend or a spare night you may have after work. Doing it this way is certainly less stressful than trying to move everything in one go and potentially damaging or losing your valuables from rushing. Why not rent a small low cost room from us for some early packing. If you then decide you need more space from us you can easily upgrade the size of storage unit you require.

Wardrobes and Drawers

Bulging wardrobes and bursting doors and drawers are particularly bad news and gives potential buyers the impression there is not enough space in the house which will not help with your sale and possibly prevent you selling your property. By renting a storage unit with Storage Manchester you can tidy things up before having people view your property, but due to our flexible opening times and storage location if you require an item in storage you can collect it whenever you need it.