The Year Of Cheap Storage Manchester – 2020

Let’s take a look at how you can make the most of 2020

With 2020 now well underway many people are looking to get the year off on the right foot. For many people this means house moves, renovations, decluttering and just generally sorting through their belongings and houses. At Cheap Storage Manchester, we always want the best for our customers so we are going to break this article down into useful tips and tricks that can help you get off to the best start in 2020. We are going to break this down into several steps, house moves, renovations and de-cluttering:

House Moves

Moving house is often one of the biggest and most stressful things you can do. It doesn’t matter if you are renting or buying, the logistics of moving all your belongings from one property to another can be overwhelming. You need to coordinate your removal team arriving at your current property and delivering your belongings to your new property, you need to organise your belongings and pack them away, and you need to do all of this whilst continuing your everyday life. For this reason we have compiled a list of 3 helpful tips to make the process in 2020 easier for you:

  • Sort a removal company: We can’t stress this enough, if you think you are going to be able to move your belongings on your own you might be in for a surprise. Moving your belongings from one house to another is a huge job and getting some professional help will make your life a lot easier. If you choose to use self storage during your house move Cheap Storage Manchester can provide a professional removal team free of charge with your storage.
  • Make sure you de-clutter your things: The last thing you want to worry about when you are moving house is dragging excess belongings from one house to another with you. Spend some time before you move and before you start to pack and separate out the non-essential things. This doesn’t mean you have to get rid of these belongings, you can pop them in a storage facility such as Cheap Storage Manchester until you get settled in your new house.
  • Create an Inventory: This one may seem like a lot of work but trust us, it will pay off for you down the line. Make a list of all your belongings before you start the move, this way you can keep track of what you have and where it is. This will also help you identify any unnecessary things you may want to get rid of before you move. In addition to this, if you place your belongings into storage you can note that on your inventory sheet, once again so you know where your belongings are at all times.


  • Take it One Step at a Time: When you are planning to renovate your house you often think of the bigger picture, you will no doubt be looking at how your house is going to look once all of your renovations are completed. We recommend you break the work you need to do down into manageable sections, take it one room or one area at a time and work that way. This way you get the satisfaction of seeing your projects completed at each stage and can still use the rest of the house while each section is under renovations.
  • Protect Your Belongings: This one is a biggie, when renovating the chances are you are going to make a bit of a mess, painting, plastering and general construction work can leave a lot of mess and can potentially damage the belongings in your house. Make sure you have adequate sheets to use as dust covers and space to move your furniture to whilst decorating. At Cheap Storage Manchester many of our customers choose to use self-storage to store their belongings and keep them safe if they plan to be doing renovations for a prolonged period of time.
  • Work to a Budget: No one likes to overspend and when renovating a property the costs can often run away with you. This links into the first point about planning your renovation but as part of the planning process ensure you budget at each step along the way. This way you will never be hit with any unexpected expenses that could halt your renovations. Cheap Storage Manchester can also help with your budgeting by offering discounted storage rates such as 50% off your first 12 weeks of storage.


  • Know Your Belongings: Before you can even start to de-clutter your house you need to get to grips with what you actually have in it. Set some time aside to go through your belongings one at a time, this will help you think about the last time you used that object and if you really need it or not. This is something you should do whenever you clean your house, that way saving space is always at the forefront of your mind. If you really want to get granular with your de-clutter than you could create an inventory of your belongings in your house, that way you exactly what you have and potentially what you don’t need.
  • Valued Possessions Vs Rubbish: We all have those things that we simply cannot bring ourselves to part with, quite often these are objects of sentimental value. What becomes an issue is when people stop being able to identify the difference between general rubbish and objects of value. Go through your belongings and try to think objectively on whether an item is valued or rubbish. If you struggle with this perhaps invite a friend round to help you decide. Once identifying items you want to keep hold of but don’t use why not consider self storage? Storage at Cheap Storage Manchester starts from £1 Per Week so there has never been a better time to place your belongings in a safe and secure environment for a low cost.
  • Get on Top and Stay on Top: If you have followed step one and two of this section then the chances are you have made some serious progress in de-cluttering your space. This is fantastic but often people make the mistake of doing this once a year or once every few years and end up back in the same position they started in. Developing a routine to help you stay on top of your belongings is key. We would recommend that every time you clean your house you make a conscious decision to look at what items you can get rid of while doing so.

Onwards and Upwards in 2020!

So we hope that throughout this guide you have been able to get a feel for how you can start your new year and 2020 off the right way. This article was cantered around things you can do with your house during a house move, renovation or just in your every-day life. Your home is your personal space, it’s where you choose to spend most of your time and enjoy valuable time with family and friends. We hope that by following some of the advice in this article you can make the most of that going into 2020. With each point we also feel like self storage can help, to find out how you can use self storage to help during a house move, renovations or de-cluttering, get in touch with a member of our team, we are on hand 7 days a week!

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