Top Seasonal Storage Uses

Seasonal Storage Uses In Manchester

Put away the pumpkins and costumes and get ready to dig out the Christmas decorations from the loft (or storage unit!). The seasons are changing and the difference as always is stark and noticeable. What changes almost just as quickly as the demands on your house and what little space you have left to play with and utilise. With the changes in season the things you have around your house and garden change a lot. This is something we see a lot of at Cheap Storage Manchester, people use a lot of large and bulky garden furniture during the summer and on the flip side, people are increasingly using outdoor decorations at Christmas alongside their indoor decorations and Christmas trees. All of these things take up a lot of space, certainly, you can leave your garden furniture out over the winter but the harsh British weather will soon take its toll on the quality of your furniture. Equally so many people will store their Christmas decorations away in the loft until they need them the following year. This approach works great but as the scale of Christmas decorations increases year on year you may find yourself running out of space to store anything else. This is a list of how you can use seasonal storage and a self storage unit heading into the winter months.

  Christmas Seasonal Storage
1) Christmas Decorations

One of the most common items that people store in a storage unit is Christmas decorations. Christmas decorations have become a staple of British Christmas time and seem to be something that gets bigger and bigger each and every year. With this increase in Christmas decorations and the increasing notion of ‘go big or go home’ the space requirements of something that you will only use for two months of the year are increasing more and more. What we found at Cheap Storage Manchester was that many of our customers were taking up all of their storage space at home with Christmas decorations. Allowing customers to store away their large and bulky Christmas decorations throughout the year for an incredibly low price is something that becomes invaluable to Christmas enthusiasts.

Garden Seasonal Storage

2) Garden Furniture

As stated above, garden furniture is also something that people take advantage of a cheap and affordable self storage unit to store away. As we are sure you know, the weather can be questionable in the UK (even in the summer) but in the winter the chances of you spending any time relaxing out in your garden are close to none. Those same harsh conditions that make you want to stay indoors in the winter can also be harmful to your garden furniture. Garden tables, chairs and benches often suffer damage and deterioration during the winter and in many cases are too large to be stored in your average garden shed. Putting your garden furniture in a self storage unit during the winter is a fantastic way to keep your valuable furniture safe and secure for an incredibly low cost.

Sporting Seasonal Storage

3) Sporting Equipment

Similar to garden furniture the use you may have for certain kinds of sporting equipment can be limited by the time of year and the weather. Using a self storage facility can be great for storing large and bulky sporting equipment throughout the colder seasons. Sporting equipment such as biking gear, lacrosse, and golf equipment may get used less in the winter than in the summer. For that reason many customers at Cheap Storage Manchester take advantage of a cheap and affordable self storage unit in a range of different sizes to store away their expensive and valuable sporting equipment during the winter. A self storage unit can be a cheap and affordable way to keep your sporting gear in a dry, safe, and secure place without taking up all of your free space in the winter.

Ultimately there are many reasons why you may consider using a self storage unit to free up space in the winter months and throughout the changing seasons of the year. At Cheap Storage Manchester, our team of expert storage staff is always on hand to advise you on how to get the most out of your seasonal storage needs. Get in touch with a member of our team today to find out how we can help you.

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