Creating Extra Garage Storage Space

The garage is almost always the most overlooked Extra Storage space when it comes to your house. Often it is a bolt on to the side of your house or a completely stand-alone building. For that reason, many homeowners simply use their garage as a dumping ground for any unwanted items they don’t want to part with yet. This guide will look at some of the small changes you can make to your garage space to maximize its storage potential and help free up some of that valuable space in your house.

Invest in smart storage solutions

Investing in some solid storage solutions for your garage can help you massively maximize the space, whether you decide to build your own or buy some ready made extra storage space, the potential is huge. Shelving is one of the primary investments you should make with your garage, those 4 walls of space have massive untapped potential and banging up some shelves on every wall in sight is a sure fire way to give yourself more storage when needed. Investing in some cabinets is also a good shout and gives you the added security of being able to put a padlock or chain on them. In addition to this, we recommend some roof storage such as netting or a rack that will allow you to store some of those bulkier items such as camping equipment or gardening supplies.

Organise your storage

You can have the most perfect looking garage that is neat and tidy on the surface but if you don’t organise where you have stored your items that achievement will be short-lived. If you don’t organise your storage it is only a matter of time until you have to go ripping through boxes and cabinets trying to find the items you are after. That is why we recommend you segment your garage into different areas for different kinds of items you are storing if you have home storage in there then use one side of the garage for that then store your outside and garden belongings on the other side and so on. Doing this will make it much easier to navigate your garage when it comes to finding what you are after.

Park Your Vehicle On The Drive

Traditionally garages were often used for overnight vehicle storage and often that may still be the case for some with older vehicles. Security measures in most modern vehicles are state of the art and come with central locking and integrated alarm systems meaning that it is much more practical to park your vehicle on a driveway or even on a road outside your property. For that reason, we recommend the consideration of parking your vehicle outside of your garage and in turn freeing up a massive amount of extra storage space. With space freed up from moving your car outside you have a huge area that could be used for a workstation or some form of centralised cabinet storage, essentially you will be freeing up another room worth of space for your property.

create A Section for toys

We all know that having kids can be one of the main drains on storage space, toys, toys and more toys. This is particularly true when it comes to outdoor storage for items such as basketballs, footballs, bikes and more. For this reason, we suggest getting your children involved in your storage adventures within your garage, give them their own dedicated area where they can store their toys, bikes and other things. This way you can minimise the clutter of their toys being spread around everywhere and they will get a sense of fulfillment out of having their own space for their own things.

Consider a storage facility

Ok, so you have gone through the list above and you have squeezed every inch of storage you can out of your garage but still find yourself with excess clutter you aren’t willing to get rid of. Now it’s time to consider using a self-storage facility. If you have items you do not wish to part with but simply don’t have the space to store then a self storage facility such as Cheap Storage Manchester can be the ideal solution. We particularly recommend this for season storage for items that would often fill up your garage for no good reason through the majority of the year such as garden furniture, BBQs or Christmas decorations. If you have any questions about how a storage facility could help free up some space for your garage please get in touch!


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